Product Description

Everything you need to Dip your wheels Bronze Gold.

1 can per wheel typically needed for standard wheels (up to 21″).

Choose between Matte and Gloss finishes. The kit includes all the items necessary to properly clean, prep and spray your wheels.

From the aerosols, the prep, and the masking materials – each item has been specially put together for you in one all-inclusive bundle.  You simply choose the color and finish (some kits come in Matte or Gloss) and we handle the rest.  Doesn’t get easier than this!

✔ Includes all materials needed to dip your wheels

✔ One Wheel Kit properly covers most wheels up to 21”

✔ Step by step video guides available

✔ Staff of DYC experts available and ready to help!

DYC Wheel Kits are the world’s most popular, proven safe Peelable Auto Paint system. They allow you to change the color of your wheels, protect the factory finish, and peel off the dip to go back to the original color without any previous painting experience. The colors have been designed to be user friendly and easy to spray. Use DYC’s Wheel Kits to control the look of your wheels and change the color yourself!

Plasti Dip protects your wheels from acids, abrasion, corrosion, impact, salts, moisture and weathering. It remains flexible, stretchy and will not crack, or become brittle in extreme temperatures when applied correctly. 

Test all applications in a small inconspicuous area to make sure it will meet your expectations and is suitable for each unique surface. Although Plasti Dip has proven to be safe and predictable, every surface is unique and it’s impossible to predict how each surface will react.

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

Bronze Gold Wheel Kit

Matte Wheel Kit
Gloss Wheel Kit

Kit Contents

All Wheel Kits Include The Following:

4 cans of True Metallic Bronze Gold Plasti Dip®

PreDip Spray™ (32 oz)

Dip Release™

Micro Fiber Towel

4 Brake Masking Bags

Gloss Wheel Kits Add:

3 cans of Glossifier

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Snaps on to the Plasti Dip® Cans – allows you to comfortably spray large areas, or for long periods of time with ultimate comfort.

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Product Description

Never touch your wheels again!

Spray onto your wheels (dipped or non-dipped), and let it sit for 2 minutes as it releases all the brake dust, dirt and grime from your wheels. Simply wash everything away and leave your wheels surgically clean. No scrubbing, no hand washing, no wheel brushes, no dirty rags or water. PH balanced neutral, safe on all wheel types including Plasti Dipped and non Plasti Dippedwheels.