Product Description

ProLine™ Satin Clear was designed to produce the perfect smooth and even Satin sheen.  Increased clarity shows off pearls and metallics with just the right amount of pop and sparkle.  ProLine™ Satin Clear is a base clear ideally used for both pearl and finishing coats.  Satin Clear can be mixed with ProLine™ drop in tints, however using Matte Clear for tints will yield the best results.

** All ProLine™ gallons should be sprayed over a foundation of ProLine™ Prime Coat or ProLine High Build Primer.  Not for sale in the state of California. 

Spray Gun Requirements 

All ProLine™ products were designed to be sprayed through an HVLP/RP gun and compressor system.  Turbines can be used, however performance may suffer.  Stage 3 turbines (DYC Advanced System) are a minimum requirement.


ProLine™ Satin Clear

The Dipping Game has Changed - Introducing ProLine™ by DipYourCar

ProLine™ provides installers benefits over and above the traditional options:
Smooth, slick and even finishes.
Repeatable results with quick turnaround
Flows perfectly through HVLP spray guns with no need for reduction
No adhesives or seams as seen with vinyl wraps
Multiple Sheen Finishes allowing for more options than ever
Compatible with pearls, metallics and tints for the freedom to make almost any color/finish desired —
Available in Four Finishes: Frosted, Matte, Satin & Glossy

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