Performance Series - Less Expensive & Less Work

Plasti Dip Performance Series – simple, quick and easy but with a better end result and better performance. How is it different than regular Plasti Dip spray? No major changes were made to the formula of Plasti Dip because it works so well for the DIY customer. However, changes were made that definitely increased the performance of Plasti Dip:

     1.  loosened the surface tension,

     2.  lowered the viscosity,

     3. it wets out and slicks out faster and easier – and most importantly,

     4.  levels and dries smoother and flatter.

You’re going to notice that as soon as you put your first coat down. You’re going to be able to get Performance Series down on your car and end with a flatter, smoother surface than a car that you sprayed regular Plasti Dip on, or a car that you sprayed Pearls and Top Coat on. Flattest, smoothest DIY finish possible. Second, you’re going to notice as soon as you pop the lid off your first gallon, the Pearls, Metallics and special effects have already been infused inside the gallons for you – meaning you’re going to be able to get awesome finishes, awesome colors, special effects and higher metallic sheens without having to buy any Pearls or Top Coats at all. Comparing the Performance Series gallons to the original Plasti Dip with Pearls and Top Coat, you’re going to find that the Performance Series is faster, easier and less expensive.

How Is It Faster?

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Time difference between spraying 8 gallons and 5 gallons is a substantial amount of time savings, and you don’t have to take time to mix in any Pearls or Metallics. It’s already done for you.

How Is It Easier?

Spraying with Pearls and Metallics has never been user friendly for an inexperienced DIY sprayer. Pearl stripes are very hard to avoid. DIY Performance Series is just like spraying with regular Plasti Dip spray, except the colors, the tints, the pearls are all in one so you don’t have to worry about the same striping issues and you don’t have to worry about the coverage. It’s got excellent, very quick coverage. It is far easier for the DIY customer to use the Performance Series. You are going to get the coverage faster, quicker and with less effort than you will with Top Coat and Pearls.

How Is It Less Expensive?

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Comparing original Plasti Dip using Pearls and Top Coat to the new Performance Series, you can see the savings across the board in the chart above. How about the equipment to spray the new Performance Series Plasti Dip on your car (you may be wondering)? Is it going to take a higher end, more expensive sprayer to get that smoother finish? No expensive, special equipment needed. You can still use the regular Dip Sprayer Turbine system that you use for regular Plasti Dip, or the advanced Dip Sprayer Turbine system. Of course, the advanced turbine system, having a higher PSI and better atomization, will get you a better, smoother finish, but you can definitely use the regular DIY turbine sprayer for the Performance Series.

Click the magnifying glass to see photos of a painted speed shape and vehicles of that color for a more accurate color representation. Remember, due to many variables, it is still just a general representation. Your color outcome might be slightly different.

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