Custom Colors

Have An Idea For A Custom Color? Want To Be Even More Unique? You’ve Come To The Right Place. You’ll Find Everything You Need Below Including Some Videos To Get You Started On How To Do It And Complete Car Kits If You Like A Custom Color In One Of Those Videos.

Color Samples

Perfect For Touch-ups

Have a damaged area on your vehicle? Choose an 8oz color sample to match your dip and repair it. Purchase with the Prevail sprayer so you don’t have to break out the big gun.

Perfect For Testing

Have a new color in mind? Use the PDS color samples and pearl samples to mix until you achieve the color you envisioned. Juices can add to the fun. Then you can buy all the product you need for your project without wasting a lot of money.

Choose From These Products For Your Color Additives

Custom Bucket Of Blood Car Kit Mitsubishi

There are endless possibilities for colors and effects limited only your imagination. Here we see another example of an experiment by Fonzie and crew at DipYourCar. They call it Bucket Of Blood. 150 grams of Real Red pearl in one gallon of clear PDS mixed with one gallon of black PDS over a black base. Simply stunning on the car. What can you do?

Custom Bucket Of Blood Car Kit Mitsubishi

"As Seen On YouTube" Custom Color Videos

Click on the picture to the left to go to DipYourCar’s YouTube channel for their custom mixes that they have tried. Or you can also click on the videos below to see a few of them.

"As Seen On YouTube" Custom Color Car Kits

If You Like A Color Fonzie Created In His Videos, Just Click On The Car Kit Below And Order One For Your Ride

Click through on the colors of your choice to see the exact price for your size vehicle. Is your vehicle larger than an SUV or not sure which size kit to order? Contact the Customer Service Team at DipYourCar with your questions. That phone number is: (855) 847-5825

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