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We offer Plasti Dip, a DIY, spray on, peel off, automotive finish that comes in a variety of colors, pearls and color shifts. Don't be afraid to express yourself - again and again....

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Easy To Use Metal Flake In Gold Or Silver

Gold Metalizer Mustang
Gold Metalizer Mustang
Gold Metalizer Mustang
Gold Metalizer Mustang
Gold Metalizer Mustang

Compare Our Four Different Lines

Click on the images below for a more detailed description and comparison.

Classic PDS Gallon

Classic Plasti Dip

Perfect for a beginner. Easy learning curve to apply. Multiple color additives to choose from.

Performance Series Gallon

Performance Series

Our latest, "New and Improved" line. Goes on easier and smoother than traditional Plasti Dip.

Proline Matte Gallon


Great for the "intermediate" DIYer. Four topcoat finishes to choose from.

Autoflex Gallon


Our "Top of the Line" professional grade product. High gloss finish looks just like factory finish.

Our Latest Colors

So Many Possibilities

Your color choice is limited really only by your imagination. What colors will you choose to express yourself?

So Easy To Change

Easy learning curve to apply. No expensive paint booth necessary. When you are ready for a new color, just peal it off and do it again.

Creating Your Own Unique Color

Fiesta Pagan Gold Banner

Here is an example of creating a unique color for yourself. By mixing 25gm of Burnt Copper Alloy Pearl and 25gm of Mocha Brown Pearl with a level teaspoon of Black Betty Pearl into each gallon of clear Plasti Dip, the result will be the beautiful color you see on the Fiesta in the picture above. We called this color “Pagan Gold”.

See What Others Are Doing

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Get Everything You Need To Dip Your Car Or Truck

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Latest Color
Our Latest Color

Performance Series Nardo Grey

Tuzi Indigo Solid Pearls

Performance Series
Performance Series

The Best Way To Dip Your Car Or Truck

The Best Way To Dip Your Car Or Truck

Latest Custom Mix
Our Latest Custom Mix

The Best Way To Dip Your Car Or Truck

“Mad Scientist 7” NiO Green & Magma Orange

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Plasti Dip Videos

Hypershift Pearl Audi

Dipped Cars

Check out tons of videos on cars that have been dipped in different colors/pearls/colorshifts. Get some inspiration for your own project here.

Performance Series Wicked Wine Audi

Performance Series

Our newest line now makes it even easier and less expensive to turn your ride into a personal statement of who you are. Express yourself.

Anthracite Grey Pearl Wheel Kit

Plasti Dip Wheels

Here you will find videos of great colors to choose from for your wheels. Never have boring wheels again. Now your wheels can easily compliment the color of your car.

Instruction Tips Banner

Step-by-Step Guides

How do you use Plasti Dip to get the fantastic results you see on these pages? Here are all the videos you need to educate yourself on how to do it.

Information Tips Banner

Information & Tips

How do you clean your dipped car? How do you care for your spray gun? What to do with Pasti Dip that is too thin? Find these answers and more here.

Dipcast Podcast Banner

Dipcast Podcast

Videos of a call in podcast where customers can have their questions answered by the expert himself - Fonzie of DipYourCar. Very informative for you too.

"This stuff sure is smooth, just like vinyl, but gives the versatility of paint with endless color options. Another very happy customer! "
Motoring FX
"Getting tons of compliments on my two tone 2017 Hyundai Veloster in Volcanic Black and matte Black with orange accents 😎 completely worth the work I put in"
Daniel Bunting

Our story

The crew here at Hypnotikz have a passion for Plasti Dip. Plasti Dip was first developed into an automotive application back in 2011 by Fonzie who started DipYourCar. We have been following his progress over the years as he refined and made this a better product for you. We here at Hypnotikz are so excited over what this represents for all auto enthusiasts everywhere that we wanted to do something to help bring it to your attention. So we created this website. We are an affiliate for DipYourCar. Every product you see on our website was developed or released by DipYourCar.

When you decide on what products you would like to purchase to help make your ride your own, you will be clicking through to DipYourCar to make your purchases. Any questions or concerns about your order you can contact customer service directly at DipYourCar and they will be more than happy to help you. Or if you have questions before you order, you can contact customer service at DipYourCar and ask the experts what will work best for you. Besides offering high quality products, they also have a wonderful customer service department that can help you with any concerns you may have.